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Law At Work

The right brand for the right advice

Law At Work are the leading employment and health and safety specialists in the Channel Islands.

Law At Work believes that doing the right thing starts with getting the right advice. We were tasked with refreshing their brand to encapsulate their values of integrity, curiosity, and collaboration. Modernising their existing logo, as well as expanding the brand with the creation of new brand assets, shapes, and a complimentary colour scheme. Alongside this we provided an accompanying content strategy to enhance brand awareness and increase traffic to the new website. 

Service & Scope

Brand Refresh |  Website Design  |  Website Build  | 
Content Strategy 


Contemporary Brand Revamp

Law At Work were looking to refresh their brand in order to stand out in a competitive digital landscape.

Brand Marketing 

We were tasked with producing an accompanying marketing strategy to showcase Law At Work’s unique value proposition and drive brand awareness. 

Our Approach

Logo and Brand Identity Rework

We reworked the Law At Work logo and accompanying assets to communicate a more contemporary feel and ensure that the brand would maintain visibility across various platforms a mediums. We used a colour pallet that is associated with trust, reliability, and stability in order to communicate a sense of professionalism and integrity.

Custom Website Rebuild 

The website overhaul aimed to elevate brand visibility and enhance user experience. We focused on sleek design elements, intuitive navigation, and responsive functionality. Engaging visuals and streamlined content were strategically integrated to captivate audiences while conveying brand essence.

Content Strategy Guide 

To ensure the website overhaul maintained a high level of traffic we produced a content strategy that included a ”best practice” guide for both paid and organic channels.

Launch Campaign Video
To showcase the new brand and highlight Law At Work’s unique value proposition we produced a video campaign utilising the reworked brand assets and some human focussed videography.  

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