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The party crew

Meet the Pipsters

Party Crew is a family-run business based in Jersey, devoted to providing everything you need to create a memorable party experience.

As the largest party and corporate entertainment provider in the Channel Islands, Party Crew guarantees to take the stress out of party planning. They pride themselves on offering great fun and safe party equipment at the best possible price.

Service & Scope

Character Development  |  Illustration  |  Brand  


Full suite of bespoke templates
Illustrative Brand Asset Pack


Snap had the exciting task of developing brand characters for The Party Crew that embody pure fun and bring joy to everyone they encounter.

Character Design

The challenge was to strike the perfect balance between fun and maturity, catering to a diverse audience from toddlers to adults.

The result? Meet the Pipsters: Pippin and Pippa! These lovable mascots are full of infectious energy and charisma, guaranteed to captivate partygoers of all ages.

Our Approach

The Dynamic Duo

Party Crew specifically requested macaws as their mascots, as the blue and yellow features perfectly align with their primary palette. Initial sketches of the macaws were created to kickstart the creative process.

These sketches were then brought to life digitally, adding stylish accessories and vibrant gradients to make Pippa and Pippin stand out. We didn’t stop there! Various character poses were created for Pippin and Pippa, allowing them to fit in any context in a range of dynamic postures.

Tropical Brand Assets

To complete the picture, we designed tropical rainforest illustrative assets that serve as an immersive backdrop for the pair. And for that extra touch of playfulness, we included text bubbles in the asset pack, providing a fun way to illustrate words or make important announcements.

Template Workshop

We helped Party Crew set up a Canva account, giving them access to our custom-designed templates for social media. They can now effortlessly create eye-catching designs using the brand assets we developed. Party Crew now possesses a comprehensive toolkit, with the ability to unleash their creativity and take their brand to new heights.

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