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Rooms For Your Lifestyle

TLC Home is a family-run business, specialising in designing and producing luxury furniture.

With a factory in Porto and headquarters in Jersey, they blend high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design to create bespoke pieces delivered straight to your home. We were tasked with creating a bespoke website and new sub-brand in order to promote a new service and drive conversions.

Service & Scope

Brand Identity  |  Web Design  |  Marketing Strategy  |  Digital Marketing | Animation | Video Production


Create a sub-brand and a new website that showcases the unique TLC value proposition and USP.

Sub-brand & Brand re-positioning

Create and position a new sub-brand identity to broaden the reach of the business.

Contemporary website

Build a bespoke website to drive conversions and showcase TLC’s unique selling points.

Our Approach

Full Digital Audit

We undertook a full digital audit to assess the strength of TLC’s online presence. We identified key pinch points and bottlenecks that were hindering the user journey from brand discovery to conversion.

UX Optimisation

Once the audit was completed we focussed on creating a sleek website and digital experience. This included refining the language and designs of digital ads as well as refining the website journey.

Creating a new sub-brand identity

For the branding of Rooms by TLC, we introduced a new colour palette and logo. We wanted the sub-brand to possess its own distinctive identity, distinguishing itself from the parent company and fulfilling its purpose of providing accessible package deals.

A custom stencil font was developed for the client. The characters are designed to emulate the look of bold, cut-out stencil letters, commanding attention and complementing the clean san serif font used for body copy.

Brand Repositioning

While the sub-brand retains the TLC name, it has its own distinct personality. This enables targeted outreach to market segments that pose a challenge for the parent TLC brand, without the need of altering the main brand.

Rooms by TLC offers three room styles to choose from: Box Fresh, Contemporary, and Sculptural. We designed distinct patterns that visually represent each style option; integrating into abstract shapes across the website, adding depth and creating an engaging backdrop.

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