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Arthouse Jersey

The Sound of Colour

Snap were engaged to help Arthouse Jersey create a jaw dropping Augmented Reality application which showcased the headline piece of Jersey’s biggest art exhibition to date.

Skipton’s Big Ideas art exhibition took place in Autumn 2021 at the Town Church which has a rich history for Jersey. The exhibition raised awareness for sustainability, accessibility and identity as some of the key issues in society today.

Service & Scope

Branding / 3D Rendering / Videography / UX Design / App Development / Virtual Tours / Augmented Reality


Jersey Tech Awards, Creative Project of the Year 2021


The exhibition was captured in an impressive virtual tour. This allows anyone to explore the artworks up-close through their device’s screens at home. It enables the exhibition to live forever digitally, to be accessed by anyone, anytime from anywhere.

The 3D scan of the space used a specialised camera which employs infrared to capture 3D data. People can experience the virtual exhibition using their devices, or a VR headset.

However, the virtual tour was only one element. The most impressive creation by Snap for this exhibition was an augmented reality app for ‘The Sound of Colour’ installation – a limited run of live music and projection concerts by renowned projection artist, Akhila Krishnan, in collaboration with music producer, Viv le Vav.

Our Approach

An Augmented Reality app was the ideal vehicle for delivering the artwork to users, as it functions exactly as the live showings would, overlaying Akhila’s artwork directly onto the ceiling of the church. The only difference being that, with the app, the user’s phone or tablet would be acting as the lens through which the artwork could be seen.

We began by using the same camera we used for virtual tours to capture the 3D data of the church and generate a digital model. This model was used to transfer Akhila’s artwork onto an exact geometrical digital copy of the church ceiling.

Users can download The Sound of Colour from Apple App Store, and head to the Town Church and view Akhila’s artwork. We would highly recommend it!

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