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Channel Eye Media

The Islands’ news platform that drives growth

Channel Eye Media was established in 2020 to supply our Islands with a trusted, entertaining and engaging content platform.

Formerly a series of news sites for individual topics (Business Eye, Legal Eye & Wedding Eye), we transformed them into one comprehensive platform for Business and Lifestyle news, regularly delivering articles and digital media.

Service & Scope

Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Web Design / Web Development / Digital Marketing / Email Marketing / Videography / Content Strategy


Facebook followers up by 110%
LinkedIn followers up by 750%
Average monthly website users up by 332%


With any new digital business, it’s essential to develop a cohesive strategy for the platform, content and marketing channels. This strategy informed decision making including the naming, visual identity, web design and development and marketing channels.

Our vision for the platform was to provide great readership content and business advertising opportunities to the local readership across the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Isle of White and Sark).

Our Approach

With an existing brand and loyal customer base, we were mindful that a move away from the name could be a risky move, so we transitioned to a more all-encompassing name, ‘Channel Eye’. This naming exercise along with a full brand visual identity project allowed us to think bigger than the solo platforms and explore a wider audience. The visual identity takes design cues from classic broadcasting with a geometric negative space eye logo and a tryptic of fresh blues to represent the channel.

We designed and developed a responsive website that is alive with content. Our team created a compelling UX through readership functionalities and efficiency-boosting tools for our Editorial team. For Channel Eye it’s fast, reliable digital news delivery is a critical capability.

Channel Eye provides a daily newsletter to subscribers which is rich in content pulled from the platform that engages readers while they enjoy their morning coffee. Reaching readers through a multichannel approach means we can provide the right content to the right people at the right time.

The engaging content and user experience of the news platform has helped us at Channel Eye to better serve our readers, thus increasing our reader base. We have managed to grow in terms of B2B Advertising, which gives us the opportunity to provide high-quality news content for an even larger audience.

Tim Bullock

Channel Eye Media MD

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