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Thompson Estates

Bold, Sharp, Connected.

Thompson Estates is a leading estate agency that has served Islanders since 2001.

Our longstanding relationship with Thompson Estates has enabled us to establish ourselves as digital partners providing unique and technologically advanced creative solutions.

Service & Scope

Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Digital Marketing / Videography / Content Strategy / Animation / Virtual Tours / Illustration


With their heritage in the local market in mind, we were tasked with a strategic move to transform them into a digitally focussed brand. A brand evolution was the opportunity to refresh the way Thompson’s brand resonated with their existing audience while engaging with their target audience.

Establishing a new Thompson mantra, ‘Bold, Sharp, Connected.’ This gave us a clear, binding message to create the new visual identity and would form the basis of the new marketing strategy.

Our Approach

Thompson Estate’s goal to capture the attention of first-time buyers, while remaining attractive to their loyal client base, is harnessed by the new logo, a graphical re-design of the iconic Scottish thistle. The bold and sharp symbol, with its location pin stem rooted into the ground, represents the agency’s connectedness – not only to each other but to their clients and to the Island at large.

The brand handbook encompasses all visual identity aspects of the brand, including our custom suite of illustrations that helped craft a unique vision of an illustrated Thompson’s world based on their brand, staff and local environments. The elements are accommodating to use in digital marketing campaigns, print and animation.

Following the establishment of the visual identity our team connected the digital world with the physical through their widely distributed Property Monthly Magazine. Adding a new dimension to viewing properties, readers are not only able to view the property in the magazine but engage with it through a 3D Virtual Tour.

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