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Launching a Retail Renaissance

Retail renaissance with Voisins Rewards

Voisins department store is a leading purveyor of retail experiences in Jersey and a long-standing high street favourite with islanders and tourists alike. We were tasked with creating a brand and building a launch campaign to drive app downloads, increase revenue, and ultimately help the retailer stay relevant in a challenging industry sector. 

Service & Scope

Marketing  | Brand


“The campaign was hugely successful, and helped us to hit 20% of our annual target within the first week!”
Sarah Sacriste – Head of Marketing


Island Wide Launch  

With the new identity crafted, it was now time to get the app onto the devices of islanders and start rewarding Voisins loyal customers. The challenge here was attracting both digitally-savvy and more ‘analog’ users to the platform.

Sleek Sub-Brand Building 

Our first port of call was developing a sub-brand and identity that complimented the long-established Voisins Department Store brand.

Our Approach

Omni Channel Launch Campaign 

Leveraging a multi-channel approach, we orchestrated a symphony of digital marketing tactics. Producing a locally-focused TV ad highlighting the benefits of the Rewards app, showcasing the average users journey through the rewards app and its use in store. Through targeted social media and mobile application campaigns, we attracted a broad range of users to download the app, initiating a successful debut.

Sub-Brand Building 

As the Voisins Department Store brand stands as an iconic institution, we opted for a sub-brand that built upon the primary brand’s aesthetic and legacy. A subtle introduction of playful icons gave the brand a more contemporary and friendly feel that complimented its use across digital channels. 

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